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People say there is no such thing as “normal,” that it’s a social construction, but let me firmly disagree. There are people who walk around with brains that function in a “normal capacity.” These people might use “crazy” as an adjective:  to describe a hectic day. They might say someone is acting “crazy” who writes a frustrated Facebook rant, or they use “crazy” to describe a thrilling event. For those who don’t know, let me help you understand.

When I was a teen, my sister called me a name, or was telling me I was doing something I wasn’t doing, or some similar sibling annoyance. I don’t remember what the trigger was, and the trigger doesn’t matter because the trigger isn’t the problem when my reactions turn from normal annoyance to “crazy” mania. I started screaming at her, my blood pulsing behind my ears. My arms rushed with adrenaline and…

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