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But, I’ll be ok.  I’ve made it through the day.  I feel as though I am walking around, hunched over, carrying around all the broken pieces of my body in my arms.  Just waiting for someone to help me put them back together.

But, this is my puzzle to do.  I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like and I don’t know how many pieces there are.  But, I have only the one choice, and that is to try to do the puzzle for as long as it takes.

Some days, I don’t feel quite as broken.  Which is nice.  Something to look forward to.  The trick is recognizing it when it happens.  But, I’m getting better.

I may still feel broken tomorrow.  But, tomorrow I have therapy.

I feel as though if I can just move from one thing to grab hold of to the next, then maybe I’ll be ok.  Today’s thing is an hour away.  King of the Hill on the Cartoon Network and my cup of ice cream.  (That’s actually a standing nightly ritual.  I always feel a little better once it’s time for nighttime cartoons)  It’s not a big thing, in fact, some will find it to be a weird silly thing, but that’s ok.  Whatever gets us through the day.

I hope that tomorrow is better.  I don’t want to work this hard again tomorrow if I can avoid it.

Peace & Love