I despise my mania.

I have read a lot of other blogs whose authors are able to channel that excess energy into something useful.  Get shit done.

I am not one of those people.  Oh, I am for about 15 minutes or so.  But by then I have lifted something too heavy for me.  I have moved too fast and the rest of my body can’t keep up.  I am reaching for the cleaning spray to hose down the shelves in the refrigerator while I am still trying to clean it out.  Enter my OCD and I am simultaneously rearranging the dishwasher because others in my house didn’t load the cups right.

This all inevitably ends with me 1) falling down because I’m moving entirely too quickly in too many directions at once 2)getting an extremely bad headache (not diagnosed migraine, but migraine?) 3) yelling at my husband or mother-in-law 4) shuddering constantly from the unused energy trying to find a way out.

It would be awesome if I could find a way to use that mania.