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I’ve brought this up in therapy several times and now I’m going to bring it to all of you.

What the hell is up with waking up and already being pissed off?  What could have possibly happened while I was asleep that would cause me to be this irritated when I get up.

I’ve been diagnosed with so many different disorders that I wouldn’t even know what box to put this in.  Anger and irritation show up in the symptom list of multiple illnesses, many of which I have.

But which one is at work now?  Or is it multiple things going on at once?  Is there a way to even sort it out?

I’m thinking it may be the start of another swing towards hypomania, because I just noticed that I’m scratching my arms too hard.  For me, that’s an indicator.  I’m always scratching my arms.  My husband says I even do it in my sleep.  I don’t have a skin condition, I just scratch my arms a lot.  But when I’m ramping up towards hypomania, I start to do it too hard.

My day seems to be heading towards frustration, irritation and annoyance.

I have to find a way to derail this train.

I wish that I could stop analyzing all of this so much and just sort of go along for the ride.