Well, it has finally happened.  This mixed episode has now made me feel physically crappy.

I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming.  I guess all the emotional up and down that I’ve been going through has not allowed me to see very clearly.  It seems obvious now that this would be the result.  It always has been in the past.

Besides all of the mental issues that I enjoy on a daily basis, I also have a condition called intersticial cystitis.  Basically, it’s a condition of the bladder which causes frequent urination and chronic pain.  There is no cure.  In fact “they” don’t even know what causes it.  Maybe autoimmune, maybe hereditary, maybe allergies (????).  But the upshot is that it is what it is, it won’t get any better, it very likely will get worse and it’s a bigger deal when I experience anxiety (HA!).

I have my husband’s dinner in the oven now.  He works second shift and I try to pack him a nice dinner to take with him.  I know that I’m going to be retreating to bed fairly soon and I want him to have decent food to take with him.  I wimped out with tuna salad yesterday.

My sleep last night can’t even be called “disturbed”.  It was ridiculously fractured.

No wonder I feel like shit.

Whining over now.