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The other day I wrote a post Zombiefied in which I picked out several of the known side effects of the new drug I’m on…zyprexa.  I was planning on doing the same thing with some of my other meds.  A little education, a little humor…what could go wrong?

What could go wrong is that this evening I looked up the side effects of Lamictal.  We all know about the dreaded Lamictal rash.  I actually thought I had it right after I started Lamictal.  Turned out, thank God, to be heat rash.  I don’t usually get heat rash, so I wasn’t familiar with what it looked like and panicked.  But it was ok

Anyhow, I looked up Lamictal’s side effects.  I printed them out.  It took 4 pages.

Let that shit sink in.

Four pages of side effects for Lamictal.  Some I’m going to have to look up because…well..I don’t know what Erythema Multiforme is, but it’s a side effect.

One I found particularly interesting is problems with smell.  I wonder if that’s why it seems that I can now smell whatever is in my sinuses.

I’m going on record thanking Lamictal for the following side effects that I now live with:

Chronic trouble sleeping, dizzy, dry mouth, Low energy, uncoordinated, easily angered or annoyed, mental impairment, anxious, confused, Mood Changes, having thoughts of suicide, Increased hunger, loss of memory, orgasm problems, panic disorder, problems with smell, Sleep disorder.  There are also multiple issues with the urinary tract, which can’t possibly be good for my intersticial cystitis which is an autoimmune disease in the bladder.

I wanted to be funny.  I wanted to bring some humor to this discussion, but Lamictal just won’t let me.

Maybe I’ll have better luck with prozac.