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I woke up this morning (at 3:45 am  WTF?) with this song running through my head.  I can’t imagine why, but I thought I’d share the ear worm with you.  Enjoy.

I was perusing my newsfeed on facebook when I saw this article about lefties posted on my step-son’s wall (he’s a leftie, I’m a rightie).  So I’m reading it and everything was fine and interesting until I got to:

#2 Lefties Have a Higher Risk of Psychosis – This study was done on 107 people in an outpatient mental health clinic.  Apparently 40% of the people at this clinic are diagnosed with psychosis, which is higher then the national 10% of lefties.  But is this a clinic for people without insurance?  Poor neighborhood? Affluent neighborhood?  The word “clinic” seems to generally connotate poorer neighborhoods (as in free clinics).  Maybe that has something to do with it.  But, is this really the best study out there on this topic?  One clinic? Really?  Hardly seems worth writing about in a mainstream “news” source, but they did it anyway

#9 Lefties Are Scaredy-Cats – ok, whatever.  Until they link being scared at a couple of scenes in Silence of the Lambs to PTSD.  ??The fuck???  No one has PTSD because they watched Silence of the Lambs.  It may trigger someone’s PTSD, but it certainly doesn’t cause it.  The next paragraph backs of a little bit saying that it’s subtle signs, kind of like PTSD, but honestly the damage is done.  Need more research blah blah blah

Anyone skimming this article, which is what I did at first until I noticed these buzzwords, comes away believing that left handed people are more likely to be nuts.

Or much worse, someone who is left-handed may be more likely to believe that they are nuts.  It worries me.  My step-son is going through a bad breakup and is already more likely to believe bad things about himself.  Now he’s read an article which says that 40% of lefties are more likely to have psychosis and PTSD?

So this little fluff piece about lefties, is now pissing me off royally.  I thought I was going to have a nice little easy cutesy read about the benefits and factoids about lefties that I could good naturedly joke about with my step-son.  But now I’m concerned about how this article may affect him.  Fuck

And it brings me full circle to stigma.

I posted about my bi-polar on Facebook one day a few weeks ago.  I just felt the need to get it out there.  I was tired of the elephant in the room, so to speak.  Crickets.  Total silence.  Actually, that’s not true.  One person commented.  One.  Even if I only have 10 friends on Facebook that’s only 10%.  Needless to say, I’m pretty much just using facebook to keep up with the kids and occasionally perusing the news feed.  I wasn’t far from that to start with.   All of my Facebook friends are people I know in real life.  They are all, at least, acquaintances.  A good majority probably didn’t see it, because that’s how facebook works.  But, of the people that I regularly interact with there, only one commented.

I will try to draft a letter to Huffington Post later regarding this article.  But, I’m already starting to feel crappy enough that I’m not sure I’ll get much done today except food for the hubby.  That 5 hours of sleep isn’t doing me any good at all.

How do we advocate for ourselves and fight stigma when we can’t manage much more then the basics on a given day, and sometimes not even that much?

Maybe I’ll just delete the video and send this blog piece to Huffington.