So many of us wish we had the money to do this or that. This is a desperate plea to keep a life alive. It’s not a huge amount that is needed, but it’s more then Kitty’s Mama can afford. Please consider donating even if it’s just a $1 or $2.


Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

My beautiful picture This is Absinthe, AKA, Abby-Sin, before she got so sick.

My beautiful picture This is Abby,after draining the abscess. She couldn’t swallow or eat for three days so she wasted away even though I was feeding her by eye dropper.

Per suggestion by a follower, I started a campaign to help fund a vet visit for Absinthe, after multiple calls to vets within a 50 mile radius all resulted in the ver batim response: “It will be close to three hundred dollars because we have to examine, treat for fleas, give her all the normal shots, as well as the antibiotic.” I tried to explain my financial predicament as a single disabled mother and inquired about charities, but alas there are none in this rural area. I even  pondered turning her over to the non kill shelter so she could be treated even if it meant placement elsewhere…They told me they are full…

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