I just lost an entire day.  I fell asleep somewhere around 2 or 3 yesterday afternoon. I woke up a bunch of times, but I never felt good enough to get up.  And then I would just fall back to sleep.  I’m hoping that it’s just the Seroquel helping me catch up on the weeks when I was barely sleeping and not something more serious, like a depressive episode starting to creep in.

I still haven’t responded to may father about this “no pressure” “job” he has for me to do.  Well, that’s not true.  I responded once to tell him that I don’t think I can manage it.  He responded that it’s not a pressure type of situation and that’s the part I still haven’t responded to.  This is going to become a “thing” now.  I already see it. Basically, it a writing job.  He finds articles he wants to use (I do not know for what, and I wish I cared, but I don’t) but instead of using them as links, he wants them re-written.  He sent me an example and I couldn’t even concentrate enough to read the whole article, let alone his “translation” .  For $3 an article I hardly see how it’s worth the stress.

But, this will be a bone of contention.  They will now say “Don’t tell us you can’t work, you were offered something low stress and declined”.  How do I explain that it’s not that I don’t want to work, but I can’t.  The concentration level is just not there.  And that’s the days I feel good.  The days I feel good are seriously outnumbered by the shitty days.

One bright spot is that I received a text from an old friend last night.  She and her wife are considering moving to my area for work.  It would be amazing to have an actual friend in the area.  I’ll be talking to her later today to see what’s up.

Damn, I’m still beat.  I hope this isn’t going to be another sleepy day.