It’s getting hard to breathe.

The elephant that always hangs near my chest is starting to sit down.

Take the rescue meds

My fists clench

My whole body shakes and shivers from the sheer willpower it is taking to not run screaming through the house.

I’m out breath

I’m lightheaded

When will the meds kick in

Oh, good a hot flash on top of everything.

More lightheaded.

Can’t type fast enough

Why haven’t the meds kicked in yet?

I just want to get a deep breath

I know that I’m hyperventilating.  I know that it my mind, but I swear it feels like I can’t breath

I’d kill for a deep breath right now.

What the hell are the meds doing right now?  Why are they not working on calming me the hell down?

I feel numb.  My skin feels numb.

Put my head back, try to chill

Try to chill

Try to chill

Try to chill

Oh my God, I just took a deep breath.

Now I’m rocking back and forth. My feet are moving around.  Stimming.

Another deep breath

I don’t feel quite so light headed anymore

The numb feeling is fading

My back is so tense and my shoulders are like rocks.

Ankles are still moving around.

Hate this