Unfortunately things have changed and Abby-Sin (Absinthe) has taken a turn for the worse. This sweet girl is emotional support for a friend and the vet is telling her it will be about $700 to get everything done. Please, please please if you can, consider giving a couple bucks to help Absinthe. A receipt for vet services will be provided once the vet treats her.
Please, even if you can’t give, pass this around. I would really appreciate it.

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

The day was going swimmingly…Until I noticed a distinct change in Abby’s behavior. Upon inspection, I discovered maggots under her skin from where the infection had spread. I maintain, whether right or wrong, had they prescribed an anti biotic days ago when I called, she wouldn’t have gotten that bad. I could have scrambled for enough to buy that. But throw in the required visit fee, meds, shots, flea treatment, bringing a bare minimum visit to two hundred plus…What was I supposed to do? Hell, I can’t even get a car title loan because my car blew up, I am driving my mom’s. And not even calling around vet’s offices bawling my eyes out with a kid bawling in the background got a single one to say, “If you can bring in (Fifty or so dollars) we will try to help save Abby and you can make payments.” NOT ONE…

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