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Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

There was a big write up in the local paper about the fire at my mom’s. An excerpt (link to full article on gofundme update page.)

brandi fireBrandi Harris fights back tears as she talks with friends on the front porch of her home on North Fayette Street in Jacksonville. Dirt, ashes and fresh scratches cover her hands, reminders of her effort to save pets from her house after a fire early Tuesday. More than half a dozen pets died from smoke inhalation and several more are missing.

They were also interviewed by a local tv station today, though I’ve not seen any footage posted yet.

The article teaser was about the police officer who had to seek hospital treatment for smoke inhalation. I was impressed with the way they kept it focused on my sister and brother in law’s efforts to save their pets, though, rather than playing up the…

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