So here we are again.  Every year, like clockwork, it comes around even though somewhere in us, we believe it won’t.

Last week, my husband and I watched a movie.  The movie was set in the 1970’s and an outdoor skyline pan of New York showed the Trade Centers.  We looked at each other.  We said together “wow, the trade centers”.

Somewhere, in the back of my brain, I guess I was thinking that it would stop having such an impact.  That the sight of the New York skyline with the Trade Centers intact would stop sucker punching up right in the gut.  But, it hasn’t.

I will always remember where I was.  I will always remember who I was with.  I will always remember how quiet the skies were above my flight path located house for a week.  I will always remember how startled I was the first time a plane went back through that flight path.

I will always remember.