So, I’m still feeling pretty weird.  Not happy, not sad, not anything really.  I guess the most I’m feeling is some irritation and annoyance, but even that is barely registering. It’s a really weird feeling to feel nothing.

I want to be pissed that my meds have me literally to the point where I feel nothing.  I want to be pissed, but I’m not.

I read a post by Dyane, a blogger I admire, about a stigma occurring in her hometown. I want to be pissed on her behalf, but I’m not.  I feel the outrage in the back of my brain, I know that I would normally be angry, but it just won’t come to the front so I can actually FEEL it. (by the way, if you are good at tweets, please give her a hand)

There is a certain amount of freedom in not giving a shit about anything.  Nothing is going to get me seriously pissed off, because I just flat out don’t give a shit.  But, I’m not getting that other side of the coin either.  You know how people say that you need the dark to feel the light?  Yeah, I got nothing.

Of course, if I stay like this I will save a fortune on therapy bills.