This complete non-mood I’ve been having for the last several days, is starting to slide downwards.  I don’t want it to, but I don’t want to be living in non-mood land anymore either.

We had to take the cat to the vet today.  She has diabetes and because of that her annual visits, assuming nothing else is wrong are $400.  Plus insulin and syringes every three months or so.  She belonged to my husband’s kids.  They got bored with her and now she’s ours.  We can hardly afford her bills, but what are you going to do?  The kids have long since replaced her with newer models, so there is no giving her back.  They wouldn’t take care of here like this anyway, she’s better off here.  But, handing all the overtime money hubby just made to the vet is kind of sucky.

MIL is driving me a little batty.  I just want to get off crutches and get to my normal routine.  This laying around shit is not doing me any favors.  Not physically and not mentally.  I really want to unwrap it and look at the stitches…(not to mention getting some fresh air in there) but I’ll never get it re-wrapped to my satisfaction and I’ll spend the next couple days screwing with it.  It might be worth it though.

Ok…it wasn’t worth it.  Now I want the bandages off even more than I did.  Crap.

Oh well.