Well, second day in and Lunesta can go fuck itself.  I slept in 1/2 hour bursts last night with my waking bits longer than my sleeping bits.  It gets tonight and if it doesn’t keep me down then the pdoc gets called tomorrow.

My almost complete lack of emotion is being seriously challenged by my almost complete lack of sleep.  I’ve had these quick, blink and you’ll miss it, bursts of anger and irritation this morning.

Ok, so now it’s about 6 hours later, way to stay on track there Leslie.  I went to the podiatrist this morning and got the stitches out of my foot (FINALLY!) and since my stitches came out, I was allowed to take a shower.  Thank GOD.  There is only so long a person can be satisfied with baby wipe baths.  It’s very unsatisfying.

Those quick bursts of anger have dissipated and now I’m having kind of a low level hum of anxiety.  Not enough to take a klonopin, but enough to notice.  Enough for my teeth to clench.

Which means that I’m not floundering completely in the land of no emotions anymore. Which could be good or bad, time will tell.  I have a feeling that getting some sleep will help decide the cage match between no emotion at all and every emotion at once.

I keep having hot flashes today, too.  Highly irritating.  If I turn the fan up to high, then I freeze.  If I put it on low, I broil.  Sometimes there is no pleasing me.

I’m gonna call this day a success.  With my stitches out and a shower under my belt, I’m pretty sure this is the most productive in awhile.