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Last night I thought of a great subject for a blog post.  I didn’t write it down.  I don’t remember what it was.  It’s in that mass of crap I call my brain, but at the moment it is lot to me.  If I think of what it was, I’ll get back to you.

Yesterday I called my pdoc, Dr M., and told her that the Lunesta wasn’t working.  It was doing nothing for me.  So she called in to my pharmacy a 10 day supply of Belsomra. There is a coupon online to get it for free.  I called my pharmacy two hours later to make sure that they got the Rx from Dr M. and they had.  I told them about the coupon and they said just bring it when I pick up and would 4:00 work for me.  I said sure.  I asked her if it is expensive and she said “not very.  It’s $24.47”.  That’s for 10 pills folks. That’s $2.45 per pill.  I want the income that makes that cost seem ‘not very expensive’.  I wasn’t going to print out the coupon.  I was going to leave it for folks who have worse insurance then me or no insurance.  I don’t  like to take samples at the Dr. office for the same reason.  But, damn.  That’s a lot of money!  Especially when you think to a month’s supply.  I’m hoping that she is giving me the before insurance is applied price.

So, I turned my attention to gearing up to pick up the pills.  The only thing that bummed me out was that I was going to have to get dressed, because I was going to have to go IN to the CVS to present my coupon.  Hence, I could not use the drive through which is pajama friendly.

But at 3:30 CVS called to inform me that by the time they got to my prescription they ran out of pills.  Seriously.  I called 2 hours ago.  I didn’t get in line at that point?  Or if they were already out for the day, the girl I spoke to didn’t know that?  So, here I sit at my keyboard after another night of sucko sleep.  I took the Lunesta, but I shouldn’t have bothered.  I was just hoping that it would all of a sudden start to work.  No such luck.

Supposedly, they will have my pills this afternoon.  We’ll see.

This is the time when I really miss the Mom and Pop independent pharmacies.  My dad had one.  I worked for him for years.  With the exact same conditions as I presented to CVS, the first thing my father would do after verifying receipt of the prescription would be to check to make sure that he had enough medication to fill the prescription.  Standard Operating Procedure.   And we knew our customers.  We would be pulling their bag of meds out of the bin before they even got to the counter.  Try getting someone in CVS or Walgreens or Rite-Aid or God forbid Walmart to know who you are.  I fill 10 prescriptions a month all at different times which means I’m in there at least twice a week.  And they don’t know who I am.

Well, this has gone off in a direction I didn’t expect, but I’m gonna just let it be what it is.

And if I think of my great idea from last night, I’ll write another post later.