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That’s a very good question.

The answer should be yes.

But at what cost?  And I mean to your wallet.

Currently I am on Seroquel XR 300mg.  I had stopped taking Seroquel at the beginning of the year because of how expensive it is and there is no generic for the XR.  My health insurance has a deductible, so until I hit it, I pay cash prices.  That means around $600 for a month’s worth.

Once I meet my deductible I pay 10% of what the insurance company is willing to pay. So, if the insurance company will pay $600 (which they won’t) my out of pocket per month is $60.00.  After I meet my deductible.

I have gone back to Seroquel XR because every single thing we’ve tried since has been an epic fail.

I’m currently working off samples.  I feel terrible guilt about that because they could be being used for patients with worse or no insurance, but she has a shit-ton of them.  But that won’t last forever.

If you read my post earlier I mentioned that my pdoc changed my sleeping med to Belsomra.  This is because Lunesta and Restoril and whatever i was on before that, are not working.

I was prescribed 10 pills, a starter dose to see if it works.  I was told to go online and print out a free trial offer for the 10 pills.  I did so.

Today I got the pills.  If you read my post from earlier today, you may remember that I was quoted a price of $25.50ish for the 10 pills.  But, I didn’t know if that was the cash price or if that was what my portion would be after insurance was applied.

That price is what I have to pay.  After insurance. For 10 pills.  That’s $2.50 per pill. That also means that my insurance company is ready willing and able to pay $25.00 per pill.  PER PILL.

So my sleeping pills will cost around $75.00 per month using the best health insurance I have ever been lucky enough to have.

Luckily, every other medication I take (except the Seroquel XR of course) has a generic form, so it’s pretty cheap.  Some of them are dirt cheap, others are just cheap when you look at what it could be.  And I’m grateful for every generic I get.

I have “Save The World” complex.  I will find every problem and leap over them with a single bound, sprinkling down common sense from on high, and everything will be better.

Disability was already on my list.  Stigma is on my list.  Now the cost of prescription meds has made it’s way to the pile of shit I have to do something about but have no idea where to even start.

It’s getting to be quite a large pile.

Meanwhile, I sit at the foot of the pile of all the shit I can’t do anything about right now and ponder this question.

Do I want the sleeping pills to work?

If they don’t, that’s yet one more med fail.

If they do, I potentially go broke trying to pay for them.

And the Seroquel.  Let’s not forget the Seroquel.