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It’s interesting that I find it so difficult to write when I’m having a good day.  Bad day? I’m scribbling away as fast as I can to get it all out.  All the venom and anger and sadness.  But, when the mood is good, there just isn’t that much to say.

I think the Seroquel is working.  We just added in Ambien (where the hell were our brains that we hadn’t tried freaking Ambien???) for sleep which is working very well. I’m going to have to start taking the meds for my intersticial cystitis again because that is acting up again.

But, basically, my mood has been pretty good.

Yesterday, I went to the grand opening of a new grocery store, Earth Fare, in our area. They were offering amazing specials and some gift card giveaways, and the bargain hunter in me could not resist.  However, the claustrophobic part of me, would not allow me to think long enough to purchase anything, or even do some meaningful price comparisons, as every single person in my town was there.  All at the same time.  Or at least that’s how it felt.  So, I left, giving my empty shopping cart back to the lady in charge of carts for the day (embarrassed that it was empty) and ran to my car as fast as my boot cast would let me.  Even my MIL, who had been dying to go there, wouldn’t go after I told her about the crowds.  I’ll try again once the novelty has worn off.

It’s rainy here today, which for me is the perfect do nothing day.  When I worked, I was always more liable to burn a sick day on a rainy day, then a sunny one.  I love to lay in bed and listen to the rain.  It’s so soothing.  Unless it’s a downpour, then I worry about the sump pump under the house.  But, today is that nice steady, but not hard, rainfall day that I love.

I’m grateful for the day of feeling good.  There are several long term projects that I really want to work on, and maybe today is a good time to think about them.  Disability in the country is absolutely absurd, and I feel compelled to try to do something about it. I’m not sure what I can do that will make a difference, but I definitely need to do some research and maybe I can work on that today.  I know at some point, it’s going to require a petition of some sort and some anecdotal evidence, but I have no real idea of where to start.  I need to research and I need to make notes.  All of which is impossible during a good day.  Plus, I don’t want to do this before my own disability comes through. I don’t want to fuck up my chances of getting my disability.

But, maybe today I just enjoy feeling decent.  Get a couple of chores done.  Like laundry and cleaning up the kitchen.  That wouldn’t be a bad thing!  lol