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At 7:00 I took my Seroquel XR 300mg and my 3rd Neurontin 300mg.  The Seroquel will slowly start to slow me down and the Neurontin will work on the depression and the restless leg syndrome, so that once I lay myself down, my legs should stay relaxed.

I have the end of Law & Order: Criminal Intent on the tube.  Adult Swim on Cartoon Network starts in a few minutes and with it, Kind of the Hill and Bob’s Burgers.  I won’t make the second episode of Bob’s Burgers.  The ambien I have been given is working.

8:00 will bring the ambien, another Neurontin, 300mg of Lamictal, 60 mg of Prozac, 10 mg of Elavil and 1 mg of Klonopin.

I’m going to try to throw a clear coat of nail polish on my nails before sleep takes me. Keeping my nails up seems to be all I’m capable with these days as far as my appearance goes.  But I’ll take what I can get.

Tomorrow, at the ass crack of dawn, little Leila kitty, will start chewing my bracelets, letting me know that it’s time to get up and feed her, and her adopted brothers and administer her insulin shot.

And the day will start anew.  Will it be a day of sorrow and anger and hate?  Or will it be a peaceful day.  At least, as peaceful as they get these days.

Only time will tell.

Good night dear Friends.  Sleep well.