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My therapist and I talk about my blog at least once per session.  My blog came from a desire to journal, and, to a lesser extent, her desire that I journal.

My problem with journaling has always been that I can’t write fast enough.  Typing has given me the speed that I never achieved with a pen.  The other problem that I always had with a pen is that I was not just concerned with what I wrote, but how it looked. If my handwriting was messy that day, it caused all sorts of issues in my already frustrated brain.

So, blogging.  What the hell.  I could type it all in a Word document and leave it there, but one of the other problems I have is isolating.  I am withdrawing more and more into my little world consisting of hubby, MIL and our animals.

So, blogging.  Maybe I’d strike up some conversations.  Meet a few people.  Have virtual group therapy.

And, it’s been great.  Everything I thought it would be.  It’s actually been very therapeutic for me to get feedback and to give feedback to others.  I have a tendency to overtake people’s problems.  I make them my own and then I do what needs to be done to solve them.  It’s not a good tendency to have.  No wonder my problems got so out of whack, I never paid attention to my problems.  Co-dependency, the therapist said.  And the people at the hospital.  And the shrink.  It’s a more common diagnosis in households where there is substance abuse (not here) but not always.

Anyway, I digress.  Today someone left group.  This someone is someone I found fairly soon after starting here at wordpress.  So I’ve been following “someone” for awhile now. “Someone’s” writing is vivid, honest and funny.  “Someone” has been raw and engaging, not backing down from the tough things that need to be said.

And I’m finding it weird.  I miss “someone”.  I’m hoping that “someone” is ok.  But, co-dependent me, has to just let it go.  Which is weird.  For me.

So, to “someone” (just in case “someone” decides to lurk) but also to all of the rest of my group therapy session participants….I want to say thank you.  Thank you for coming by, thank you for commenting.  Thank you for sharing your life with me and for allowing me to share mine.

Thank you for listening.