Well, it has been a crazy couple of days.  I’m very far behind on my blog reading, but I will get there over the next couple days.

Hubby and I drove to PA Wednesday night, late, to visit family.  What a mess!!!  Turns out that I-95 is closed for 100 miles in South Carolina due to flooding.  You would think that was the type of thing that would make the news, but you would be wrong.  Hours and hours of driving just to get out of South Carolina.

We finally arrived in PA Thursday afternoon.  By Friday morning it became apparent that waiting to drive home on Sunday was going to be a bad idea.  More rain expected.  Not a lot, but it wasn’t going to take a lot of rain to make things worse.

By Friday afternoon, we had decided that we would be leaving Friday night to head back home.

We saw some members of our family for a mere 1/2 hour, but we had to go.  We couldn’t take the risk that we wouldn’t be able to get home.  It looked possible that the north half of South Carolina would be cut off from the south half due to flooding and we couldn’t risk not being able to gt through.

Turned out that 95 was still closed.  After a 167 mile detour, torrential horrible heavy Bible-type rains, and 15 hours in the car, we finally made it home.  We spent 30 hours in the car over the period of about 60 hours.

Crazy crazy crazy.  I couldn’t be more tired, and I slept for well over 12 hours yesterday.

I’m getting too old for this shit.