I am so frustrated.

I have been working on a post for days.

When I came up with the post idea in therapy last week, I was very eloquent.  I explained it extremely well.  I was logical.  I sounded intelligent.

Now it’s gone.

The ideas I had seemed so solid and so obvious.  But, it would seem that they were held together with bubble gum and tape because they have blown away with the breeze.

Even writing this post explaining my frustration with my other post is proving extremely difficult.

I’m having trouble stringing together logical thoughts.  I’m having trouble finding my words.  This post is just over 100 words and it has taken a 1/2 hour to write.

I used to be so good with my words.

I have therapy again today.  Maybe she can remind me of my brilliant idea, and I can come up with a good post for later today.

I. Hate. This.