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I woke up this morning aggravated and pissy.  The cats were flying around the house like a pack of crazed monkeys.  I couldn’t even use the bathroom alone.

I think that was the tipping point.  Today could have been better if the morning had been a little more peaceful.  But it wasn’t.  And now my temper is off and running. Someone speaking to me gives me the same feeling as fingernails on chalkboards. Hubby seems to be immune so far.  Hopefully that sticks.

We have a great NASCAR race today.  Talladega always promises a crazy afternoon.  Hopefully that helps soothe my nerves a little bit.

I didn’t feel like going for my walk this morning, but I did it.  I thought if I got up and went then maybe I would walk away some of this tension and anger.  It didn’t work.  It didn’t work even while I was doing it.  Usually I can get some peace during a walk at the very least, but not today.  So, no sunshine spewers telling me that exercise will cure all my many mental defects, because…so far….not so much.

And the lady on the Latuda commercial?  She can kiss my ass.

This is going to be a day of just gritting my teeth and trying to bear it without taking someone’s head off.