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I lost 2 pounds!

I actually busted through the Seroquel bullshit and lost 2 pounds.  I’m very proud of this and now I can remain on the Seroquel XR which, for me, is working.

Losing the 2 pounds made a big difference in my thinking.  I know that they exercise was what put me over the top, so I’m more committed to my walking and hope to start yoga this week.

I had my pdoc appointment this morning.  I told her about my success.  She was pleased.  I know she wasn’t looking forward to trying to replace yet another med.

However, I threw her a curveball.  Just when she probably figured she’d get through an appointment easily with me, I tossed in the terrible, and only getting worse, memory loss.  And told her I want off the Lamictal.

So, I am cutting down the Lamictal tonight from 200 mg to 150 mg.  Then next Tuesday I cut that again to 100 mg for 2 weeks.  Then I go back to see her.  That will give me a chance to see what changes happen and if my memory starts to get better. I’m nervous.  I really am.  But, things can not remain the way they are.

My nerves are beyond bad today.  I believe this is day 3 of Shitty Nerve Syndrome.  I guess when your baseline is slightly anxious, there just isn’t far to go to hit SNS.  But pdoc put me back on Klonopin in lieu of the Valium which wasn’t working.  I did well on Klonopin before, but I think my body got used to it and it stopped working.  We’re hoping that it’s been long enough that I will respond to it again.

Besides having my weight loss to be happy about, I came home from therapy to find the house clean.  MIL emptied and reloaded the dishwaser.  Hubby moved some stuff I wanted moved and vacuumed.  MIL dusted.  I’m so glad.  This stuff needed to be done badly and I just couldn’t get myself to do it.  Now I get a day or two of no worries since it’s all pretty clean.  YAY!

I know there was something else I wanted to talk about, but I forget what it was.

If I remember I’ll write it later.