My husband is a hunt and peck typer.  I am not.  I took the class in high school to learn to type and have had jobs my entire life that required that skill.  So, I’ve only gotten better over time.

Since I use my computer so much, some of the letters have worn off of the keys.  Hubby wanted me to fix it, but I didn’t care because I didn’t need the letters on the keys, I don’t even look at the keyboard when I type.

Until now.

My busted up wrist and elbow has me in a cast that means I’m reduced to hunt and peck typing as well.  And the word off letters is now a problem for me as well.

So hubby fixed it

A silver sharpie fixes a multitude of problems

A silver sharpie fixes a multitude of problems

Oh and I have developed an abscess under my eye, potentially from the dust from the airbag.  I look so sexy now it is just ridiculous.

We go on vacation with my parents next week.  I told them to expect no photographic evidence that I was ever there.