I’m back from vacation.  The weather actually provided us with one extra day which was kind of nice, but I am glad to be home.

We had a really good time, but the dynamic with my mother was very weird for me.  It seems that as she gets older, she is starting to realize the importance of family.  While we were away she spent a lot of time telling me that she loves me, that she was thrilled that I came on the vacation.

This is completely different from the way she has acted pretty much my entire life until now.

Don’t get me wrong.  It was nice to finally feel like I was appreciated and cared for.  But I really don’t know how to deal with this massive shift in the family dynamic.  It’s hard to accept that it’s real.  46 years of experience tells me that this is a trap.  I’m afraid that I will start to let my guard down and get stomped again.

This is definitely going to be the topic of conversation at therapy today.

I’ve missed y0u all.  I have a lot of reading to do and I will try to get around to everyone.   There were so many times I wanted to post and see what was going on with all of you.  No internet was weird but also very freeing.