While we were on vacation, I had energy.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  What I had, was the will to ignore the fact that I felt like doing nothing and did stuff anyway.

It’s fading away.

The reality of life is starting to seep back in.  I’ve been having dreams in which hubby has wanted to divorce me.  MIL is messing with me, then being really understanding, then messing with me again.  It’s keeping me off balance.

Not to mention, that I still have a cast on my right arm and it hurts like hell.  The sprained shoulder is giving me issues and the abscess under my left eye from the airbag dust is coming back.  My bruises still hurt even though the fancy coloring is pretty much gone.  I see a trip to my doctors in my near future.

My feet swelled to balloon size while we were away.  To the point that I went to the fancy dress up dinners in bedroom slippers because they were the only things that fit my big huge sausage feet.  I was giving that situation till today to resolve and it hasn’t.  Add that to the list of doctor shit that has to be done.

Reality sucks