I’m a mess right now.  Just an absolute mess.

So many things have happened over this last week, and I’ve started so many posts, all of which wait patiently for me to come back and finish them.  But, right now I’m just feeling miserable and angry and confused. And while I want to talk about all these other things that are going on, I need to just purge this horrible feeling of misery and uselessness and anger.

MIL just left to go to her sister’s house for a few days.  That’ll help.  I need this time to myself.  Hubby doesn’t have to work this weekend.  That’ll help as well, because we need some time together.  We’re probably the only couple in America planning to go to the movies this weekend and see something other than Star Wars.

I’ll check back in a little while.  I needed to get a blurb out there to get those writing juices flowing again.