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I have to thank everyone for the feedback I received yesterday.  This post was written in anger and a little bit of perspective was needed.  I wasn’t super happy about that perspective yesterday, but it was needed and appreciated.

And, really, that’s part of why I blog.  I started blogging because I need to keep a journal and I can’t write fast enough to keep up with my brain.  Then I started getting feedback and it started to feel like a group therapy session.  Except that I could pop in and say what I wanted, when I wanted and not have to wait until 7:00 on Wednesday night (or whenever).

And now, I continue to blog because I receive worthwhile and helpful advice here.  I have found people I would call friends here.

So, thank you for calling me on my excess anger and helping me find the other side of the argument.  Of course the kids don’t want me taking over whenever there is a problem.  There are issues because we don’t usually find out that anything is wrong until it is so wrong that it almost can’t be fixed and they have reached the end of their rope.  But, maybe instead of doing all the work and fixing the problem (or at least trying to) I can give the suggestions and let them do the work.

It appears that I will have a chance to try out this new attitude.  J left rehab yesterday and his first call was to his dealer.  I don’t know whether he was able to get in touch with him, but the call was made.