Anxious anxious anxious anxious

why why why why why why

No clue

Pdoc changed Lamictal yesterday, adding 50mg in the morning as we said a prayer that my memory wouldn’t be affected.

Hubby’s birthday is today.  Every ounce of everything I have at my disposal is being put towards trying to be cool till he leaves for work.  Look at me, I’m happy, calm, cool and collected.

Of course, inside I really just want to throw up.

He went to take a nap, thank God, so I could run to CVS and pick up my klonopin.  I took the last one yesterday and they wouldn’t refill it till today.  I know they are just following whatever rules they have to follow, but fuck.  I needed this the second I woke up.

Which…waking up stressed?  Ridiculous.

More later when I feel a little more together….if I feel a little more together.