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I wonder how much klonopin it will take to calm me.  I went to therapy this morning and had a good talk.  I have taken klonopin twice already (probably should be on the 3rd dose but I need some for later).  And, I went out to the greenhouse and re-planted some things and looked over all my new seedlings with pride.

But I still feel like there are full grown birds flapping around inside my chest.  I still feel that I can barely breathe.

I hate this feeling so much.  There is no reason that I can identify which irritates me even more.  Karen wants me to try using the mood journal again.  I have a hard time with it, because my mood can change more than once in a day.  So, she showed me how to mark it for morning moods and night moods, and I’ll give it another shot.

In other news:

I have given myself a pen name.  I have set up my facebook and twitter with my new name.  I’ve been so concerned since I started this blog that I was not anonymous enough. Yet, at the same time, I wanted to be able to share interesting bits that I would find on social media.  So…the only way out I could find was a pen name.  There are interesting things on tumblr that you can’t access without an account.

So, new email addy, fakebook and twitter account all in my new name and attached to this wordpress account.  And I guess I’ll see what happens.  At least now I feel more secure in my anonymity and that’s the part that really matters.