Last night was my first dose of Tegretol.  I said goodbye to my Seroquel XR and my Lamictal and downed my Tegretol with my prozac.

No turning back now.

I feel pretty blah today.  Kind of tired, but not sleepy…more of a worn out feeling. I don’t know if it’s a side effect of the new med, or just a delayed reaction to how anxious I have been feeling.  I’m going with reaction to the anxiety until proved otherwise.

Next week, I up my dosage of Tegretol by adding a pill in the morning.  A lot more will be known about the side effects I’m gonna deal with once that happens.

One thing that has already surprised me was the cost.  Tegretol is an older medication, with a generic form and was $90 AFTER insurance was applied….and I am lucky to have good insurance.  I am forever wondering how people manage without good insurance or money or disability (not that disability gives much money).

Such a short post for today…but damn I am worn out.