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My grandmother is old.  Very old.  She will be 97 on Wednesday.  My Poppop passed away last January (at 95) and she’s alone in her retirement community.  She has been fading away before our eyes and we can’t stop it.  She’s very religious (Poppop was a Methodist minister) and we have gone so far as to tell her that if God wanted her home, he would take her.  Since she is still here, she has something to teach someone.

But, she’s rarely leaving her home, doesn’t keep her apartment clean and the staff there has been a problem because they have not been picking up the slack, which they are paid to do.

My parents are leaving on a 3 week vacation Wednesday.  They will be stopping here to drop off their dogs and spend a day with us.

I think I need to go there.  But my parents have been fighting me on it.  But I’m concerned about the care at Mommom’s home, especially since there has been staff turnover recently and they know my father will be away.

Hubby wants me to go.  He knows I’m stressed and he knows that the stress will not go away until my parents are home and have checked in on Mommom.  But, it’s 3 weeks away from my husband which SUUUUCKS.  And I have to leave him in charge of my greenhouse which doesn’t always go so well.

But, when I am already in a bad place, I start to become consumed with my grandmother. I need to see her, I need to talk to her, I need the woman that she used to be.  But the caretaker in me is more then happy to take care of her.

I feel like I’m rambling a bit but I have to make a decision (which I think I have) and I have to figure out how to make my parents accept it (which I haven’t).