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I have missed all of you.  The last 4 or 5 days have been taken up with driving 650 miles north, visiting my grandmother, stepchildren (and that stinkin’ cute grandbaby), parents and learning the routine of my parents dogs.  I’ve stopped in and made some comments, but I haven’t had enough time to write anything for myself.

Today, I am catching up with some quiet time for myself.  My parents left on their vacation yesterday and hubby left for home last night.  And while I love all three of them  *sigh* it is super nice to get some quiet.  I plan to stay in my jammies today, throwing on a sweatshirt to walk the lovely ladies.  Besides the Daytona 500 is on today so I have racing to watch!

The new medication seems to be working.  I’m now taking the Tegretol twice a day.  I’ve been very tired, but the schedule hubby and I have been running the last few days is a lot more then I’m used to, not to mention more emotional, and he’s been tired to, so it’s too early to say that I’m tired because of the med.  I’ve been taking a steady stream of klonopin, but, for the same reasons, I can’t really say it’s med related.

It was startling to see my grandmother the other day.  Hubby and I went up Friday…he was going to fix a couple things for her (my handyman!)  and I wanted to sit and talk with her. Thankfully, she was asleep in her chair when we went in because, even though I knew she fell and broke a rib, I didn’t know (or possibly forgot) that she hit her head.  The bruise is horrible.  Parts of it dark purple, parts are green and yellow.  Her poor little body should never have a mark on it like that.

I’m hoping to jog her memory with stories about when her and Poppop met.  First, though, I have to find her hearing aid.   She is forever losing it.  She takes it out, and while she can see a little, she is legally blind, so she often can’t find it.  And she puts in down in really random places and her memory isn’t so good so…the continuing mystery of the hearing aid.  My first mission is to find that thing.  Her other son is in town today, leaving tomorrow, so I’ll start that mission on Tuesday, unless (by some miracle) my uncle looks for and finds it.  I’m not holding a lot of hope though.

I will probably be talking to you all quite a bit through the next two weeks as my happiness to be alone devolves into missing my husband.

I’m starting to feel the anxiety begin.