I hate politics.  It’s one of the three major hot buttons of our society, along with religion and abortion, that is guaranteed to start an argument.  And, not a regular disagreement, but a full-fledged angry argument.  Because people’s beliefs are hard to change.  It always reminds me of this quote from the movie Dogma

I think it’s better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier…

-Rufus “Dogma”

Then I read this post by Michelle.  That wasn’t the first time I had read about that particular clause in the Declaration of Independence, but it was the first time I had read it while Donald Trump was trying to become President.

Now, personally, I think Donald Trump has a terrible public personality.  I have no idea what he is like in his personal life.  But, publicly, he’s been a blustery, uncouth, racist ass. But, he’s also said some things that I agree with. (yes, I’m horrified, but still…)

He doesn’t want to end Social Security/Medicare/Disability/Medicaid.  He wants to help veterans.  He wants to create jobs and lower the deficit.

But, he has yet to say how he will do any of these things.

But, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Donald Trump is the way that we, the people, start to change our government.

Yes, that statement is giving me some stress.

But, seriously.

He’s running all over the other Republican candidates.  It doesn’t seem to matter what he says or what he does.  He’s offended nearly everyone and yet….he’s winning.

I’m beginning to think that we are so desperate for change that no matter what he says, Donald’s biggest qualification is that he’s different.

I’m interested to hear YOUR thoughts.