Last night I got a text from a good friend (the other female heathen – heatheness) with the heading “What is this shit this bitch is spewing?”

Now, opening a text from heatheness can be dangerous.  Often I am confronted with memes of huge penisis, huge testicals, or huge boobs.  I could only imagine the groaning inducing disgustingness that a title like that would hide.

Actually, I couldn’t.

The text was actually a screen capture of a Fakebook post from the mother of the kids. Calling me a psycho.  Calling me jealous of her close family ‘and yes that includes their dad’.  Saying ‘Sorry A and J that I was stupid enough to fall for the bullshit she tried to create.’


I think the part that kicked the stake all the way through my heart was A’s reply.  ‘Thanks Mom’  with a sad face emoji.


My heart has broken open.

At the end of March, the mother and K are moving in with A.  Leaving J, the addict, to figure out his own shit.  I am not against this, but hubby and I want to try to figure out what J is doing sooner rather than later.  We don’t want a call on March 31 telling us that J has nowhere to go and is now homeless and it’s our problem.  Because that’s how things usually go.  So, I sent a text to the mother, copying A and hubby, asking for A and the mother to please do everything in their power to get J to call hubby, so we can figure out if we need to do anything while we actually have some money.  She let me know that she had drug tested him that morning and he was clean.  He has a job (although he is working side by side with the guy he did heroin with) and he was currently at that job.  I said nothing more and forwarded the responses to hubby.

And now I’m the bitch of the world.


Which, honestly, I’m pretty sure is much much worse.