I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve sat down and said hi, and this won’t be a long one, but I’ve got to jump back in somewhere.  I’m behind on my reading, too, but I’ll get there.

I was talking to Karen (my therapist) this morning about my medicine.  My husband has a good job with a big company and the pay isn’t much but, the benefits, oh my the benefits. This is better health insurance then I have even had.  Ever.  Once, I’ve met my deductible, which I have, I pay $.20 for my Klonopin.  Seriously.  And $75.00 for my tegretol.

Now, my Tegretol is the medication for my Bipolar.  It’s the one that’s supposed to keep my moods balanced.  Of everything I take, this is the most important one.

But, it’s the hardest to afford.

And, the medication that everyone is concerned I could use to kill myself or get addicted to?  Twenty cents.

All of the anxiety meds are couch cushion change cheap with my insurance.  And all the mood stabilizers are expensive.

I think it’s backwards.  Or at least very lopsided.