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Today is the first day since I’ve been back home that I’ve felt “normal”.   I’m actually awake and not feeling like I’m coming down with something for the first time in a week. This weekend was probably the worst I’ve felt and I guess I’m making my way back up.

I have an enormous list of things I want to accomplish.  Hubby did a lot of work while I was away and I have some reorganizing to do.  I want to bake today.  I need to do laundry.  I need to clean.  And I need to make sure I’m doing my self care.  Which is, of course, the hardest part.  It’s the part that I’m not as good at.

My brain is spinning around and around.  This post is getting really difficult to write, because I keep losing my train of thought.  So, I’m going  to let it stand as it is.

Is it the beginning of hypomania?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m going to feel like a “normal” person today.

We shall see.

Anxiety Cat - wish you could just feel "Normal" Feel weird once you actually do