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Nice to see you Hypo, as long as you behave yourself, we will have ourselves a nice little day.

Therapy this morning was a bit of a mess as hypomania has me talking a mile a minute, jumping from topic to topic with no stop for a breath.  This rapid tangent talking is always my first clue.  Kind of a waste of an hour of therapy in my opinion, but Karen took plenty of notes (especially when I declared myself Tangent Girl) so I guess she got a lot out of it.

I came home and dove right in with some cleaning I wanted to get done.  Then I realized I was STARVING so I grabbed some almonds and sat down here to write.  Not really because I have anything pressing to tell all of you, but more because I don’t want to eat my measured portion of almonds in one gulp.

Dad’s in the hospital.  He had a pacemaker put in this morning.  Normally, knowledge of familial hospitalization will drive me into extreme anxiety, but not today.  And here’s hypo’s reason why……I used to know a guy when I was in high school who grew up to become one of these doctors.  The kind of doctor he became is unpronounceable unless you are one.  Anyhow, this is someone that I met when I joined the cast of the first play I acted in.  The play called for a bomb to go off, and he was entrusted to make a small (very small) device that would make a bang and cause smoke. (Can you imagine this happening in a high school these days?) At the cast party he put together a pipe bomb to blow up the turkey that we had used as a prop for a dinner scene.  Real turkey.  Under the hot lights.  Even the refrigeration that took place while we weren’t on stage wasn’t enough to make this thing smell fresh.  So, we blew it up.  This guy puts pacemakers in people now.  Logically I know that he is wicked smart and super talented, but the installation of pacemakers to me today is no big deal.  “the guy who blew up the turkey can do it so whatever”.

Generally, when hypo strikes I get anxious nearly immediately.  I’m afraid of where it will lead.

The crash

Because hypo almost always crashes and burns.

Today, I’m not worried.  Today, I’m using it.

Ok the almonds are gone…gotta go clean something before the crash!