and lower I go

Hubby asked me today what was wrong with me.  I told him it was my depression again and he sighed.  And I told him that that does NOT help.  I know he doesn’t want me to be down or sad or unhappy but acting like I’m putting him out when I AM in that frame of mind, does not pull me out of it.

Pdoc gave me yet another new med on Tuesday.  It’s activated Folic Acid.  Apparently, according to the literature, up to 70% of depressed people cannot activate folic acid in their system.  So, this is already activated, and it’s supposed to help.

Meanwhile, pdoc has no idea why she didn’t re-up my script for prozac.  Thankfully, I’ve had enough 10mg caps to make up the shortage.  She called it in at our appointment the other day, but for whatever reason the pharmacy didn’t fill it.  So, I’m still waiting.  Just another reason to be irritated.

With this round of terrible depression is rage.  I flipped out on MIL yesterday.  She was trying to get the dog away from her, but had also just fed him food from her hand.  He’s not going to leave her if she’s still holding food.  I keep telling her not to feed him and she keeps ignoring me, hence massive flip out.  I did apologize, but it felt good at the time.

Gonna go back to bed….I can’t be awake anymore.

Check ya’ll later.