Just Plan Ol’ Vic, nominated me for the Four Fact Survey.  I’ve seen variations of this floating around facebook and I love it.  And, since, as Vic says, it’s not an award, I’ve decided to to it.  I can’t think of anything else to write, so this seems like a great option.


Four names people call me other than my real name? Les, is pretty much it.  Hubby calls me Babe a lot and I used to have a nickname, Lester, in high school, but that’s pretty much it.

Four jobs that I have had? Manager of my father’s pharmacy, Manager at a title insurance company, Settlement Officer at a different title insurance company, and once the bipolar really started screwing with me I took a retail job at a private post office.

Four movies that I have watched more than once? Gone with the Wind, Die Hard (OMG what a ridiculous combination!) Right now I’m rewatching Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect II a lot (Seems to be the only music I can deal with currently)

Four books or authors I’d recommend? Gone with the Wind (and let it go at that, do NOT read that horrible sequel that was written..gag)  Watership Down by Richard Adams.  I love Robin Cook and the Harry Potter Series is spectacular.

Four places I have lived? Various towns in the suburbs of Philadelphia and South Carolina.  That’s it.

Four places I have visited? Italy, Grand Cayman, Cabo, Germany

Four things I’d rather be doing right now? Be on vacation with hubby and the kids (Next week!!!),  Be undergoing a miracle treatment that completely cures bipolar disorder, working, hanging with my friends in PA

Four foods I do not like?  Sushi (ack), most fish (although I like most shellfish), shellfish combined with pasta (Pasta…good, shellfish…good, combined?….very very bad), liver

Four of my favorite foods? Pizza, steak, lasagna, a really well put together salad.

Four shows I watch? Supernatural, Ink Master, Containment, 12 Monkeys

Four things I am looking forward to this year? Like, Vic, I don’t really have 4.  I’m looking forward to vacation (we NEVER get one), and I want everyone to stay healthy.  I have a pile of triggers getting ready to fly my way, so I’m really HOPING that I handle things well.

Four things I am always saying? #1 What. the. Fuck.  Sometimes out loud, sometimes to myself, but it happens daily.  #2 Bite me..again sometimes out loud, sometimes not, but it’s always there.  #3 I love you – to my husband, every time one of us leaves the house…it should always be the last thing someone hears from you so I say it constantly…just in case…and of course I mean it.  #4 Oh..wow.  This is usually in an attempt to not say #1

Again, since this isn’t an award I’m gonna pass a few out.  You are obviously under no obligation to do it.  But, as Vic said, if you’re having writer’s block, this could help.