I would have hoped that by the time I reached part 4 of this series I would be proclaiming victory.

Not so much

What I am proclaiming is that I am still waiting.  My request for a hearing was accepted by SSA last August.  Nine long months ago.  I called my lawyer this morning to pound my ineffectual little fists and cry “Are we there yet?”.

And of course, we’re not.  In fact it may yet be several months (several months????) before we hear anything.  Apparently at this point in the process the SSA is gathering my medical records (again) and putting them in order and labeling them as exhibits for my hearing.  And THEN we get to look at it, add what we need to, and then go to the hearing.

I asked Karen this morning if she has heard from the SSA and she hadn’t.  So that’s fantastic.  They’re already missing a critical leg to this pathetic little table.  I see pdoc next week and will check with her also.

The money is crucial.  But it’s not my only issue.  I would like to come into the light and shed my penname.  I would like to be known by my real name.  I would like to post my picture.

But the lawyer’s told me straight off that I shouldn’t discuss my situation online.  Hence the fake name and email under the same fake name.   I guess if I’m well enough to blog, then I’m not sick enough for disability, no matter what my doctors say.

But, once this mess is over, I will be writing congressmen, state reps, presidents/candidates.  Reform is needed.  If I weren’t living with someone who’s willing to support me, I don’t know what I would do.  I don’t know how some people do it.  I really really don’t.

But, for now?  We wait.