So WP informed me a couple of days ago that it was my one year “birthday” with them. I’d like to make a speech, if someone would please clink the champagne glass for me.

When I first started this blog,  I didn’t expect that anyone would want to read the sad drivel of my day but a conventional journal was just getting too slow for me.  I couldn’t get it all out of my head and onto paper fast enough.  So, I said, I’ll type.  I’ll start a blog.  I doubt anyone will read it, but at least I’ll get it all out of my head.

Then I started seeking out others like me.  Check for differing opinions, other solutions.  And before I knew it those people were reading MY blog.  And then, commenting!

Through this year I have met some absolutely wonderful people.  Some people are doing rather well with their bipolar.  Some aren’t, like me.

But, the advice I have received has been amazing.  Sometimes it feels as though you cry with me and sometimes ya’ll try and get me laughing

I love you all, this blog would be nothing without you