Thank God…I was due!

All of the other members of this household are out, either at work (hubby & Jr.) or visiting friends (MIL).  I revel in the times I have the house to myself.  Considering there are 4 of us living here, it’s rare.  And to make it better…it’s raining.  I don’t feel like I MUST go outside and do something.

I can’t clean when other people are around.  Not in depth anyway.  I feel like I’m being watched and judged.  So now, today, I not only have the will but I have the empty house that I crave.

I had a decent conversation with hubby about J this morning.  No yelling, no crying, none of the things that were happening prior to the hospital.  I have concerns.  I expressed them and hubby talked back.  And now I don’t feel like I wasn’t heard.

I saw my pdoc yesterday.  She was a bit surprised that the doc at the hospital stripped away most of my meds.  It was my idea, but I didn’t tell her that.  She knew that I’ve been wanting to lighten the med load.  I figured the hospital was the place to do it.  And I still feel pretty good, so I’m still happy about the decision.

I’m going to start DBT with my therapist.  We’ve been talking about it for awhile now, but I haven’t been reliably ok for ages so we’re gonna get it in now while the gettin’ is good.

So, that’s about it.

Good Mood!!!!!