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Well, well, well.  So, at this point i figure I have half of you curious and the other half not reading this post (or doing so to wag their finger at me in the comments section).  Either way, you’ll get a bit of education sprinkled with opinion.

CBD (short for Cannabidiol which is hard to say and harder to spell) is oil pressed from the hemp plant.  In general, CBD is legal in all 50 states.  Specifically, it’s nowhere near that simple.  But back to that in a minute.

The uses of CBD are varied.  You may be aware of the strain called Charlotte’s Web made specifically by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado for a patient named Charlotte.  Charlotte (whose extremely compelling story can be found here) has Dravet’s Syndrome and suffered (as a child under 5 years of age) 300 Grand Mal seizures a week. After trying everything, including diet and hard core medications, Charlotte’s parents tried CBD.  And it worked.

CBD has little to no THC in it, which is the compound in Cannabis that makes you high.  So, yes, little Charlotte took CBD, but it didn’t make her high.

But Charlotte’s Web is not available in all 50 states even though CBD is.  And that is because only the states with medicinal/recreational laws allow the oil to be pressed from the flower (bud) of the cannabis plant.  In the rest of the states with no state law allowing cannabis, the oil sold is from the industrial hemp plant.  Those plants have virtually no THC in the entire plant.  These are the plants that are stellar for making paper and clothing.

But, what about the dangers of legalizing cannabis you may be asking.  Compared to the medications we already take and the recreational drugs we are already legally allowed to use, the danger is virtually nil.

In 2014 the CDC reported over 14,000 overdose deaths from prescription opioids (including painkillers).  The number of deaths from overdoses of cannibis?  Zero.  Yes, there have been stories out of Colorado and Washington of people overdoing it on edibles (Cannibis infused cookies, cakes, candies) and having scary side effects that they weren’t expecting. And there have been a few people who have had reactions they didn’t expect and then killed themselves, one by gunshot, one by leaping from a building.  Both extremely tragic. But, again according to the CDC, in 2014 9,967 people died in alcohol related car accidents.  Just car accidents.

As far as the news stories of children getting hold of edibles and needing to be taken to the hospital, it just reminds me of the stories about all the kids who ate Tide Pods a couple years ago.  Never leave something within your child’s reach that they should not have, whether it be detergent, prescription meds, alcohol or cannibis.  (And the first three are legal)


My vape pen is pictured above along with my bottle of CBD oil.  I use it to help my anxiety, so I don’t always have to take a Valium.

My last point, for now, is the variety of strains of cannibis that can be used to help various conditions.  There are strains to lower anxiety, but not make you tired.  Strains to help restless leg syndrome.  Strains to take away those sleeping pills.  Strains to make you hungry and strains that won’t do that too much.  Strains to help you focus.

Cannabis has become a science.  And, in my opinion, a welcome one indeed.