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I run an Award Free Blog.  I love that people are thinking of me, but I tend to get anxious when dealing with the requirements that awards put forth.

However, Just Plain Ol’ Vic nominated me for The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award and the questions he posed were very intriguing.

So, while I am not going to do the rest of the bits or post the award, I am going to answer the questions.


  1. What picture or image that best describes your life right now?  Why is it about that picture that resonates for you?   –  I think that my Gravatar picture is the best right now.


This is a male squash flower.  On it’s own, it’s quite nice looking.  However, it will never produce anything useful.  Pollen, taken from this flower, deposited on a female squash flower is the only way for this flower to be useful.  This year, my garden produced many male flowers, but no females at all.  So, while this flower is pretty, it’s useless.  Currently, in my life, I’ve had to realize that, while I might look nice, I need a lot of outside help to be productive.  Some of that is my medications and therapy.  Some of that is gentle encouragement from my therapist and my husband.  But too much pressure, too quickly, and I will fall off the vine.

2  If you had to pick an alternate career, what would it be and why?  –  Right now I don’t work and am working on getting disability.  But, to the woman I used to be, I would encourage her to work as a counselor.  The only reason that I wasn’t a counselor, was because I knew I would be bringing people who had nothing to my house to live.  I have a hard time getting too involved.  But, think of the things that I would have learned.  When my own mental crisis appeared, I would have been much better prepared.

3  If you could travel back in time and be allowed a 30 minute conversation with your younger self (say right when you were about to graduate high school) what you talk about and why?  –  Don’t go to college.  You don’t want to and it won’t end well.  Don’t let G destroy three years of your life.  He won’t let go until you do, and not letting go is going to cost you.  Enjoy your mental health while you have it and start saving your money early, because someday you’re going to need it.  But have fun.  Enjoy your life.  Things that are bad now, will never change and you need to work on finding your own happiness and not let it be determined by how others are treating you.  And, by the way, the formal Christmas parties are going to be a huge hit!  Lastly, wear shoes as much as possible.  You are too clumsy to not wear shoes.

I want to say thanks to Vic again for thinking of me and coming up with these wonderful thought-provoking questions.