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So I went to the “Wine and Paint” event earlier this week that I had been invited to. (And thank you for all of the encouragement I received here) I was meeting a woman there that I have just met and was looking for an opportunity to build a little more relationship.  I mean, I’d really like to know some people locally.  We’ve been in South Carolina for 4 1/2 years…it’s pretty much about time.   My masterpiece is above.  It has some good points and some bad ones.  It does, however, look better from a distance!

Today hubby told me that the front door wasn’t even shut before MIL said that she really would have liked to have gone with me, but didn’t want to invite herself.  I was immediately bummed out for having not invited her and simultaneously pissed off for not being able to have anything of my own.  Hubby talked me down and said that he agrees with me, I should be able to go do something on my own without hauling his mother with me.  But maybe I could take her with me the next time.

I can, and will, take her next time.  She refuses to try to do anything social unless I’m with her.  And since I need a 10 mg Valium to leave the house, I don’t do much social.  In fact, this is the first thing I’ve done since a disastrous book club over a year ago.

I want her to do her own thing.  I want her to go out and make her own friends that are her age.  I want her to do things that make her happy.  I don’t want her to sit in her bedroom and stare at pictures of her dead husband and get sadder and sadder.

But, I also know that it’s a pipe dream.  I’ve been researching and handing out suggestions for 2 years now.  She won’t take them.  And I can’t make her take my suggestions anymore then she can heal my bipolar disorder.

Knuckle under and keep her with me 24/7 or start taking her to things she might enjoy and hope she makes her own friends?  Or maybe take her to things I know she’ll enjoy, but that I know I won’t, so she can have company for the first visit and then I can be out of it.

Time will tell.