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Oh my God you guys, I’m so stressed out.

While I pray for those in the path of this storm in Florida, I am also having to acknowledge that my nerves are stretched so thin they are ready to snap.

Everytime I look at the forecast, it’s worse then it was before.  Currently we are expecting at least 8-12 inches of rain, possibly as much as 15.  When you consider that the area we live in is only 20-40 feet above sea level, that’s an even bigger deal then it sounds like.

We have boarded up our windows.  We have moved my wide collection of flower pots into the shed.  We hope the shed will stand.  We hope my little greenhouse will stand.  We are grateful for our insurance.  If we were to move the cars from the driveway, our house would look abandoned.

We are stressed and second-guessing ourselves.  I think one of the hardest parts of storms like this is the build up.  Trying to decide what you should or shouldn’t do.  Trying to decide whether or not to evacuate.

By tomorrow afternoon things will have begun.  And, odd as this sounds, I think I may calm down at that point.  Because at least it will be here, and it will be happening, and the decisions will have been made (for better or worse) and we will just be trying to live with those decisions.

So, hopefully I will be able to get online and post an update at some point.  In the meantime please pray that my house doesn’t float away!