I really love this piece that I wrote for Matthew’s series “Finding Who We Are”. It’s long, but it’s the truth of what happened when my suicidal ideation got too bad earlier this year. Hopefully, some of what I’ve written here will help someone else describe this feeling to their loved ones. Hopefully, I can help at least one person overcome some stigma and foster some understanding.

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Today is the day.

It’s the day where hope begins spreading like a wildfire.

It’s the day that we begin our Finding Who We Are series. Our very first entry comes from Leslie at Normal is Out There. Leslie suffers from Bipolar Disorder and has dealt with depression and suicidal ideations as a result. Below is her story. We hope and pray that you find comfort, encouragement, and community within this incredible story. You can find Leslie’s blog here: Normal is Out There

Keep fighting.

This post contains mentions of suicide and suicidal ideations.
Proceed at your own risk.

I want to thank Matthew for including me in his new series “Finding Who We Are”. I think this is a very important project because it will get the truth of what we deal with out there to the public. And that desperately needs to happen. I also apologize…

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